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My Stencils

You can order my stencils through their makers, StencilGirl: http://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/category-s/1906.htm


Through my stencils you may explore new forms of visual expression that will surely be both visceral and instinctual, but most certainly pure fun! Use them in your art-journals, on your canvases, and in any of your mixed-media practices. Hey how about on furniture, walls, bed sheets, and fabrics? Endless! Use them when you are completely pumped up and ready to create or when your muse is temporarily unattainable. Use a stencil as a whole, or better yet use its parts, while piling them up, layering, to bring forth your own personal imagery world. I have enjoyed playing with them, making patterns with paints and make-up sponges and pens, using molding paste for textural qualities, creating subtle backgrounds or bold focal images. Here is an accordion book I made out of a cardboard box, it’s entirely prompted by the stencils. So glad I can finally show them to you, both sides, open and closed, zoomed in and out.



Orly_Stencil art 3


Orly_Stencil art 4


Orly_Stencil art 5


Orly_Stencil art 6



1. Carina - July 26, 2014

Have your stencils, time to start experimenting.

2. Leslie Perez - September 8, 2015

Love the stencils Orly. I am going to purchase some now. Thanks.

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