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IN MY BONES: A Visual Journal

Test-In My Bones_CoverIN MY BONES available @ CreateSpace eStore

Orly Avineri, the author of One Artist Journal and 14 Artist Journals opens her visual journal once again to express her belief in the boundlessness that comes from admitting incompleteness and ambivalence – in the sheer relief that comes from one’s willingness to exit the body in order to pour an intimate world onto pages of a visual journal and share it generously. All for the purpose of experiencing gentle journeys back to self and creating a true sense of belonging and connection.



Front Cover-1414 ARTISTS JOURNALS available @ CreateSpace eStore

14 Artist Journals is a wondrous grouping of journal pages from fourteen impassioned individuals. In it I reveal the delicate worlds of creative types for whom visual journaling had become a spiritual practice, an honest and raw expression of who they are. The book sustains my belief that all individuals have the capacity to make changes that are needed in their lives through the act of creating and to find new ways to advance their physical, emotional, and relational well-being. It makes known that art journaling is most definitely one such way.

I am endlessly grateful to the fourteen artists who agreed to be a part of this intricate tapestry of visual expression and humanity: Nathalie Nayer, Tracy V. Moore, Erin Faith Allen, Seth Apter, Juliana Coles, Maya Dunsky, Pnina Gold, Jesse Reno, Brian Kasstle, Hana Klos, Gil Avineri, Rachel Urista, Darcy Ruth Ritzau, and Vered Gersztenkorn.


ONE ARTIST JOURNALFront CoverONE ARTIST JOURNAL available @ CreateSpace eStore

One Artist Journal is based on Orly Avineri’s rich mixed-media imagery and intimate writings as they appear on her online visual journal http://www.oneartistjournal.com. In it she attempts to unify the self by expressing the intricacies of the nature within and around her, through the seamless blending of fine art, graphic design, and written language. Through her weekly blog posts, and her unique and transformative art journaling classes held both in the United States and abroad, and now through the culmination of the four year online collection, comes ‘One Artist Journal’ the book. She invites the viewer to derive simple enjoyment with the gentle turn of each page, while enticing them to dive deep into the processes of finding new and profound ways of becoming fearlessly creative.



1. apaperbear - May 18, 2012

Your book is amazing! Your book is going to change the way art journaling is viewed. Your book is a touching meaningful art book. The images are so amzing and it is wonderful to be able to see the incredible details in each spread. You words are so thoughtful and carefully worded.

2. lizziebuzziedizzie - May 18, 2012

wow your project sounds so amazing!!! Your journal and blog becoming a book/a real thing that can be experienced individually hands on!!! Art making in its naked most genuine way is spread, shared and becomes a source of inspiration and so much more.
Congratulations Orly 🙂 best wishes Lizzie

3. Ileana Katzenelson - May 18, 2012

I know from having experienced you as a teacher the love, dedication, and passion that you dedicate to your art. I know that as the art evolves, so does the soul. And I believe that this is true not only of the one that is in the midst of the creative process, but also of the lucky ones that are able to witness such a process.
Congratulations on publishing your book, and I cannot wait to see what else will come out of those hands of yours that are so attached to your sensitive heart and your sharp mind!

4. Alex - May 19, 2012

Hi Orly!
I am an artist from Canada- and love the honesty of your blog. I was particularly struck by your sons comment about being real, even in crowds. I think about it all the time (especially in crowds!). Congratulations on the book.

5. Billie - May 25, 2012

I noted a comment in your journal pages “Art Journaling, Visual Expression, Personal Exploration..” That is so what i love about it.
I am certainly happy to have found your blog and look forward to further exploration.. Personal and Visual.. It must feel wonderful to have compiled much of your work to share with others.. we thank you.

6. Lynn - May 26, 2012

I’m SO happy for you on this awesome accomplishment Orly!!!

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9. haba klos - February 3, 2013

הי יקירתי,
סוף סוף נכנסתי וגלשתי בבלוג העשיר שלך וזאת כי הצלחתי לתרגם את הכתוב. מדהים כמה שאת יצירתית ופורה כל הכבוד על כל העשייה הבלתי נלאית שלך את עושה עבודה מדהימה.
אני מתה לראות איך יצא הספר.

10. jenny potter - February 3, 2013

words…do not come out…speachless…wow

11. artdemosdotcom - February 3, 2013

What a dream come true! Best wishes for a total success with this book. I only wish that I had the time and talent to art journal. Perhaps your book might explain why I can’t let go enough to do it! Congrats~Cat

12. jenny potter - February 3, 2013

ok just ordered, now excited…so its a win win…if I win I will donate to someone else, yhea.

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14. Nancy David - February 4, 2013

This is a book I’d love to own. Nancy David

15. How Unplugging Skyrocketed My Creativity » Call of the Wild Soul - March 4, 2013

[…] From the internet.  All of it.  Except maybe a quick tra-la-la into my personal blog, or to Orly’s site to check out her new book, or to order art supplies.  But email, Facebook, and all other daily internet habits were off […]

16. Adele Thomas - May 29, 2013

Is there a way I can buy this book in the UK please?

17. Bat lavi - February 28, 2014

אשמח באם תצרי קשר טלפוני
בת 0522294802

18. Caro - November 24, 2014

Just ordered my copy after seeing Tracy Verdugo talking about your book!!

19. Roberta - November 24, 2014

I just love the pink color you used on the cover. Very different palette for you!

20. Kat Gottfried - November 24, 2014

Wasn’t sure where to respond regarding your email for chance to win a copy of your new book (which looks amazing), so thought I’d try here. One line for what visual journaling provides to me – A safe place for me to express what I’m incapable of doing with words alone.
Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book!

21. Janee' Hassell - November 26, 2014

Art journaling is a safe place to express emotions and a platform for developing new ideas. 🙂

22. “Momma Tumbleweed” a session with Orly Avineri | A Global Walk - June 11, 2016

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