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Bundles of Mystery February 12, 2016

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Bundle 2In less than two weeks I will be driving up the coast of California by myself, a magical ritual. I am preparing for it with stops on the way (by the infamous Bubblegum covered walls and Antique Malls in both Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo), overnights by the Central coast. Till I get to the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains in the North where An Artful Journey art retreat is going to happen for the last time. I made these little book bundles to offer the women at my booth one of these nights at the beautiful Presentation Center tucked in the woods. They will be sold as they are and it will be up to the “new owners” to unbundle them and discover for themselves the boundless possibilities these tiny bound and bundled books hold. Bundle 3

Bundle 1


1. Kelly Stuart - February 12, 2016

calls to mind . . . ‘the mystery of redemption lies in remembrance’

2. Pat - February 12, 2016

Orly, What happened to the journals you were selling? I know you ran out and were expecting more, and then I lost track. Pat Andersen

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3. joarty1 - February 12, 2016

Such little treasures! LOVE the fastenings…very unique.

4. vickiinyourhead.wordpress.com - February 12, 2016

Orly, my heart went pitter patter when I saw your bundles. So lovely.

5. howarddebbie - February 12, 2016

Oh wow – please can I put my name on the one with the head in the hole? X

Orly - February 12, 2016

Yes love!

6. Sojna - February 13, 2016

Oh Orly they are wonderful, deep, and magical like you are. I wish you had some for sale for those of us who live too far from California to be apart of the stardust of your paint wand and intellect of the glue stick at an Artful Journey. Shalom on this Sabbth evening and drive safely. Your students are greatly going to be blessed.

7. Carol - February 13, 2016

I’m so jealous that you’re going to Santa Cruz and so happy for you too. I lived in Santa Cruz for 10 years before moving back to Virginia I miss it so much. Enjoy the retreat, inspiration, and those beautiful mountains.

8. Deb Weiers - February 13, 2016

These are absolutely wonderful and magical Orly!!

9. Seth - February 13, 2016

A magical adventure indeed. I can imagine the joy on the faces of the lucky people as they open each of these treasures.

10. Suzanne Bracker - February 13, 2016

These are positively divine! How fortunate the recipients.

11. Genie Geer - February 14, 2016

This week while playing with the idea of a mixed media paper doll, I just started making little bundles of brown paper with twine and cardboard and snippets of my mother’s poetry. I love them for some reason. And then gasped when I viewed this fabulous post from you today. Wow.

12. mutabilia - February 14, 2016

those wee bundles are completely delightful

13. apaperbear - February 21, 2016

So glad I got to see these in person! Have a wonderful time!

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